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100% Trenchless Water Lines

Get a new water line in one day using Kalin Trenchless Spokane water line replacement technology. After replacing over a thousand water lines in the last few years in Spokane, we know a thing or two. We have seen it all and we know we can offer you the best warranty on the highest quality service. You can not afford loosing water in your home.

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Directional Drilling

They’re thousands of uses for diretional drilling. Anything from water lines, utility lines, power or anything you can imagine, call today for a bid. We do everything from residential to Gov projects. When you call or text the main number your message goes to JB the job manager for Kalin for the last 10 years. The perfect person for anyquestion you may have. 

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Sewer Replacement

All sewer replacements are done by Kalin’s other company Kalin excavation. 

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Directional Drilling Solutions

Smaller Crews | Highly Experienced Technicians | 25+ Years Experience | Newest Technologies

Interested in trenchless solutions for your development, city or government project?

Directional boring, called horizontal directional drilling or HDD, is a steerable trenchless solution of installing underground pipe, conduit, or cables in a shallow or deep arc along a pre-determined bore path by using a surface drilling machine, with minimal impact on the surrounding area or landscaping. Directional boring is used because it cost the same as traditional methods but does almost no damage. It is suitable for a variety of soil conditions like sand and clay and jobs including road, landscape, and river crossings. The pipe can be made of materials such as PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, ductile iron, and steel as long as it can be pulled through the drilled hole diameter.

What The Years Have Taught Us!

Our credo is to treat customers with the highest level of respect, kindness and compassion, every day!

Longest Warranties Offered

We guarantee that your warranty will always have a longer time period than any other company. We have been around long enough to know that we will honor our install up to 50 years from the date installed.

Direct Access to Owner

You can always contact the owner of Kalin Trenchless by sending an email to [email protected]

Pricing and Discounts

We have honest pricing that is low and competitive. We will always give you a good deal on our amazing services. We provide low cost services year round and even discounted services in the winter months. Call today for more details. 

Different Technology Choices

New technologies come out every year in the trenchless solutions space. We are always using and perfecting the new techniques and technologies to make prices cheap, projects smart and speed under one day.Our trenchless water lines are our most popular service. 

Trenchless Options for Utilities

Small & Large Projects Welcome

We handle projects of any size, from government utility installations to residential trench-less water lines.

Trenchless Water Lines

Spokane Water Line Repair. Kalin has replaced most water lines in Spokane and remains the go to refferal for most companies. Trenchless water line repair in Spokane’s rockie soil is a very difficult craft to perfect. We are the experts in water repalcement.

Horizontal Drilling

Directional Drilling / Boring can be the perfect solution for a variety of problems or projects. When a trench is not an option because of landscaping, sidewalks, roads or other structures that are untouchable.

Water Line Repair

If you are not looking for a full water line replacement, you can have part of the line repaired for much less in costs. Call Jb today for more information or a bid on your water line repair in the Spokane area. 

Directional Drilling

Call today and talk to JB about your potential project. We do everything from Gov works to residential to school districts. 

Customer Reviews From Google

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Thank you so much for replacing my water line, was so cool to see the process and how it literally did nothing to my yard. Also, thank you for giving me a fair price, others did not treat me so well with their bids. Your crew was very respectful to my property and my neighbors. My angry neighbor didn’t even get mad, that’s a miracle, you guys must be good! That machine was so cool that your guy said was directional boring, very neat. Thanks again! A+

Brad Cupertino


These guys did a sewer and water line replacement for me and it was all completed in one day, I’m not even kidding. I live on the south hill and I thought they would take a few days but no, thanks for making this so easy, I thought it was going to be a disaster project. They used this directional boring device to do the water line, and pipe burst the sewer line. My yard is untouched. They re-concreted and laid some sod on the edge near the street where they dug. Everyone knows you use Kalin if you don’t want any problems.

Sasha Krasni


They did a water line repair for me in Spokane at one of my properties. They got done by noon and it was very low priced for the quality. Honestly, the other trenchless water replacement companies in Spokane are not trustworthy, that’s just my two cents.

Mathew Jones


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